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This winter I had my suspension upgraded the S2R 800 really needs work. I have a good WP shock, linear springs and new fork internals. I’m enjoying my rides and track days and have been able to take my skills to the next level, much thanks to the suspension. Clip ons did what I expected and more. 05 cbr 600rr fairings The body position, the wrist angle and the loose elbows are all welcome changes. I have the wonderful CycleCat rearsets already, so the leaning forward/work the core/grip the tank routine feels like a natural progression. Safety and some peace of mind was and is always on my list proper gear, a good alarm system, yamaha r6 fairing kit flashing LED brake light, mirrors which actually show what’s behind me and scary loud dual horns has proven to be healthy investments.

More than a bike

My story isn’t unique, my bike isn’t very special and I don’t have much knowledge to share, but I do my best to learn and to pass along whatever small pieces of advice I can come up with. The people of the DML/DMF have been very good to me and I will keep on trying to pay back the support, motorcycle batwing fairings aftermarket friendly attitude and inspiration. Your ideas and advice have cost me a few
, but the experience have also doubled the value of my ownership. It’s been fun sharing my story and bike hope you weren’t bored. Please stay awake, concentrated and safe out there. custom harley fairing

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